Dota 2 Betting Sites

Dota 2 is one of the most betting-centric esports around today. Both real-money betting on the largest events and in-game item betting are prominent. These items each have an assigned rarity, which is highly correlated to actual cash value.

Dota 2’s largest tournaments have the biggest prize pools in all of esports. The 2016 International‘s prize pool was over $18.6 million dollars. Dota 2’s publisher, Valve Corporation, accomplishes this by allocating 25% of their revenues on the sale of certain Dota 2-related items toward the prize pool.

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How Dota 2 is played

Dota 2 created and defined the MOBA genre for many years prior to new gaming companies adopting the game’s concept with their own sets of characters. MOBA stands for Multi-player Online Battle Arena. In Dota 2, two teams of five compete for control over routes connecting the two teams’ bases.

Waves of AI-controlled “creeps” move down each route to help players destroy the enemy base. Creeps also attack opposing creeps and players. Each team’s towers grant large gold values, and create progress toward destroying the enemy “ancient.” The ancient is the final point of defense; once a team’s ancient is destroyed, they’ve lost.

There are many ways to play Dota 2, and each update adds to that variability as new characters become available. Each character has a unique set of abilities that dictate the approach of a player or team. These characters are divided into many different classes. Here’s a brief overview of Dota 2’s character types:

  • Pushers are used for taking down turrets and other structures. Oftentimes, pushers excel at clearing large waves of creeps quickly so the team can siege the opposing structures.
  • Initiators excel at forcing enemies to fight by quickly putting a high-priority target into a dangerous situation.
  • Durables can withstand larger amounts of damage than other heroes, and create advantages by intercepting damage that would otherwise kill their teammates.
  • Nukers are the characters that everyone seeks to negate. If given space to unleash their abilities, Nukers will usually win fights for their teams.
  • Disablers are heroes whose abilities disable opposing heroes, often by stunning or rooting the heroes in place for their teammates to easily coordinate kills.
  • Supports are heroes whose excel at enabling their teammates to better fulfill their roles. Supports have a wide range of abilities and can boost all kinds of stats. These heroes are often underestimated on the battlefield.
  • Escapes have abilities which enable them to move in special ways around an area. Stealth and teleportation are common escape abilities.
  • Lane supports are used to assist heroes that struggle throughout the early stages of a match. They are protectors that usually come in the form of a Durable or Disabler.
  • Carries are usually accompanied by a lane support because these heroes sacrifice power in the early stages to become powerhouses in the later stages, capable of “carrying” their team to victory with their high damage output.

Dota 2 features a highly diverse pool of heroes, with more than 100 to choose from. Keep in mind that characters often fit into multiple classes, which greatly adds to Dota 2’s strategic variance.

Killing enemy players and creeps grants income and raises a player’s level, providing access to new abilities. The income is called gold, and is used to purchase items that strengthen the damage and/or durability of the hero.

The basic strategy in Dota 2 is to acquire gold for your team while denying the enemy team income. Once this is accomplished, one team has a much easier time claiming towers and other objectives.

Getting ahead of other Dota 2 bettors

Consistently placing money-making bets requires knowledge of Dota 2 and the players on both sides of the matchup at hand. Knowledge of the game itself is best acquired by playing it, while knowledge of the players comes from involvement in Dota 2’s highly rewarding competitive scene.

Dota 2’s analysts and commentators are highly reliable; their goal is to teach the game to viewers, and their knowledge is helpful for new and veteran bettors alike.

Bettors have multiple talent pools to select from when betting because there are multiple tiers of pro play. Teams have to qualify for The International, so following the qualifying rounds can greatly increase your understanding of each team’s current form.

When you start looking for statistics, it’s great to begin with DOTABUFF. Noteworthy statistics for beginning bettors are:

  • Deaths (D)
  • Gold Per Minute (GPM)
  • Experience Per Minute (XPM)
  • Kills (K)
  • Assists (A)
  • Last Hits (LH)

Roles in esports can be compared to positions in traditional sports, which means that certain positions will do better in certain statistical categories than others. Develop some familiarity with who does what in Dota 2, and you’ll easily spot the outliers when glancing over a stat sheet.

The current state of Dota 2’s betting scene

Dota 2 and all of its competitors are in the early stages of betting, but Dota 2 has been one of the most popular eSports (and certainly the most lucrative for its players) for multiple years running.

There are multiple betting styles for Dota 2; skin betting is the most common, as it indirectly fuels the casual/non-professional player spending on cosmetic items. Ultimately, players that spend on cosmetics can participate in skin betting and can feel like contributors toward the esport which takes care of its professionals best.

There is fantasy betting which involves building rosters to compete based on your knowledge of weekly match-ups. This is all very similar to fantasy betting in traditional sports.

Last, and certainly not least, is match and tournament betting at traditional sportsbooks like Betway, Bet365, and Ladbrokes. These bets allow bettors to predict outcomes of (usually) professional matches. Additionally, bettors are often given a chance to predict tournament winners. These are called “tournament outright” bets, and depending on the size of the tournament can yield magnificent rewards.