Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone is the forefront of card-based esports, and maintains a stranglehold on the genre in terms of online viewership. Hearthstone combines a casual feel with many elements of competitiveness and strategy. Betting on Hearthstone is unique compared to other esports because there are an unusually high number of betting options beside the usual choices of win, lose, or draw.

Matches are short, but demand knowledge and foresight to succeed during each turn. This is a dream scenario for many bettors; there’s waiting for a five-game series of forty-minute matches to end before seeing your betting result like the MOBA genre. Maximum value for your gambling money.

If an uptempo card game is your style, Hearthstone is cornering the market – and it’s free to play.

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How Hearthstone is played

Hearthstone is a cross-platform esport, allowing players to interact across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The basic idea of Hearthstone is to deplete the opponent’s 30 hit points before they do so to you. To accomplish this, players choose one of nine classes to create a deck of 30 cards.

In Hearthstone, a player’s strength comes from his or her ability to execute powerful card combinations; this requires the ability to predict their opponent’s upcoming combinations, so backwards reasoning is the key trait to look for when betting on a Hearthstone player.

A player’s class determines their general approach to the match because each class has a specific Hero Power — a special ability that can be used once per turn in addition to playing cards.

For example, the Warrior can shield two hit points from damage in later turns and the Warlock can sacrifice two hit points each turn to draw a card. Hero Powers enable players to pull off destructive combinations when used in synergy with their card effects, and usually help players maintain control of the board.

How many moves a player is allowed to make scales upwards as each turn passes. Cards generally cost between 1 and 10 mana, and both players begin the match at 1 mana (rising by 1 mana per turn until 10 mana is reached).

Strategically, there is a great deal of variance in Hearthstone because decks that rely heavily on low-cost cards can overcome decks with high costs before the match reaches a point that they can become available for use. Nonetheless, many players are able to execute late-game strategies effectively as well.

Betting on Hearthstone with an edge

Hearthstone metagame and how it impacts betting

Placing winning bets on Hearthstone comes down to staying on top of the metagame and recognizing which players are currently executing based on the meta. For any readers that are unfamiliar, the metagame can be considered the game within the game. The metagame is solved by bringing all of the available information together and figuring out which way to play is most effective to win matches.

Periodically, there are updates to cards and new cards are added. This is how game manufacturer Blizzard seeks to balance the power of each class. Fortunately, for bettors, the powerful classes are often quickly discovered and there aren’t periods of misinformation when placing bets. Discovering class inequity ahead of bookies can be a huge edge if you can do it.

Limits of the metagame, and card-based expectations

In Hearthstone, it is often the case that one class has several advantages and few disadvantages when players find the optimal mix of class-specific and neutral cards. Additionally, the metagame often provides cases where one strategy is specifically successful against another popular strategy. These counter-strategies, and the players that succeed at executing them, should be sought after for bet placement.

When betting on Hearthstone, it’s important to keep in mind the nature of the game. Card-based games boil down to chance and and probability much more than traditional esports titles like League of Legends or CS:GO. This can be used to the better’s benefit because the chance of an upset victory increases greatly.

The difference comes down to limited reaction potential. Players very often know the best play to make, but when your options are limited by your hand there is not much one can do. Therefore, if a bookmaker places the odds on one player as a large favorite over an opponent, it is frequently correct to place a bet on the underdog.

Once you’ve established an understanding of the current metagame, it’s time to determine who to put your money behind and why.

Finding a Winner

Finding the right players to bet on is becoming easier than ever. Many sites provide statistics for each class’s win rates, and some share the numbers on specific matchups beyond just the classes being used. For example, you’ll be able to see how well a specific Mage deck performs against another specific Priest deck.

After stat sites and meta analysis, Twitch.tv and YouTube are your best options for betting information; watching matches helps bettors determine the players’ skill  levels and tendencies — key factors to match prediction in Hearthstone. Twitch is great for catching live tournaments, and YouTube is the home of tournament replays (also known as VODs).

It’s important to watch a mixture of live games and VODs because each provides viewers with different insight. Typically, following a player’s stream grants access to his practice sessions; during these matches they may be playing suboptimal decks and making suboptimal decisions intentionally for the sake of research and game knowledge.

Tournament VODs give a more clear example of a player’s ability to calculate and execute under pressure. It’s commonplace for some players to lose effectiveness in stage environments, so be wary of betting on players that are prone to stage jitters.

Once you know which players are playing which decks effectively, you’ll have an understanding of which way their matches are likely to end. This is when your earning potential will make its greatest leap forward.

Hearthstone bet types

There are a wide variety of Hearthstone bets available at online sportsbooks like Betway, Bet365, and Ladbrokes.

The “Tournament Outright” bet

This is what it’s called when a bettor calls the tournament winner beforehand. The odds on these bets are generally high compared to other styles because there is usually a very large pool of players at a tournament’s start. Obviously, this greatly decreases any one player’s odds of winning because they have to set themselves apart from many others.

The “Match” bet

This is where the odds shorten because the outcome is more foreseeable than betting on the tournament winner. Much like traditional sports betting, a player that is reputable and has been in good playing form will have pretty short odds until matched against another well-known player.

Here are some Hearthstone betting tips for increasing your match betting odds:

  • Watch smaller tournaments
  • Identify and research the rising stars
  • Bet on matches against popular players if possible

The “Propositional” bet

Betting on Hearthstone is made even more entertaining by the possibility of propositional bets. If you’re not feeling confident about calling the match victor but you’re fairly certain of how the match will play out, it might be smart to go with a propositional bet.

Some examples of propositional bets include: which player will take damage first, which player will hit the other hardest, or which player will be first to play a legendary spell or minion. These bets are based on knowledge of a player’s deck and style of play. If you’ve followed a player closely, don’t shy away from betting on their tendencies instead of the outcome.

The most important Hearthstone betting tip

There are many resources to improve your skills as a Hearthstone bettor, but nothing can trump the benefits of playing the game yourself. Your betting success and confidence will improve tremendously by familiarizing yourself with the game as much as you can.

Hearthstone has proven to be one of the most fun games across several platforms and devices, so don’t shy away from getting involved yourself. And it’s free to play. Your bankroll will thank you later.