League Of Legends Betting Sites

League of Legends has been at the pinnacle of esports titles for several years running. It is produced by Riot Games, and its World Championship, which takes place during the fall of each year, continues to set viewership records as the industry flourishes.

The MOBA genre (that’s multi-player online battle arena for any laymen) presents players and fans with several ways to approach moneymaking. Thankfully, success in League of Legends betting requires much less specialized knowledge than playing League of Legends at the highest level.

Below we’ll provide everything you’ll need to make successful League of Legends bets.

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How League of Legends is played

The most popular League of Legends game mode is called Summoner’s Rift, and features two teams of five players trying to break the opposing team’s base. The two bases have three main routes to each other called “lanes”. There is a Top, Middle, and Bottom Lane. The areas between the lanes are called the jungle. Each lane has three turrets, and each base has two turrets to defend the Nexus in the center. The first team to destroy the opposing Nexus wins the game.

With five players per team and only three lanes to manage, teams at the highest level often place one player Top, one player Mid, two players Bottom, and allow one player to patrol the jungle and assist the laners in taking turrets down. For betting purposes, it’s important to keep track of which Mid laners and junglers have proven consistency; it’s these two positions that generally affect the map most given the nature of their positioning.

The Mid laner can run to either adjacent lane (Top or Bottom) to add extra pressure to the area. Conversely, the Top and Bottom laners are typically limited to their lane plus the one adjacent lane (circumstances vary slightly given the infrequent option of teleporting from one lane to another).

The jungler has a similar ability to add pressure in other lanes because his income, or economy, comes from the areas between the lanes. When a jungler surprisingly enters a lane to assist a teammate, it usually creates an advantage for his team. Laners create advantages for their teammates by taking down the turrets in the lane they’re defending. Whenever a turret falls, a large sum of Gold is given to each member of the team that destroyed it.

The most important aspect of a great League of Legends player is one’s ability to earn Gold; a common term used to describe this facet of gameplay is “economy.” Gold comes from last-hitting any opposing unit. Units includes minions, champions, turrets, and even the Nexus. Anything with a hit-points bar is worth Gold.

When a player deals the last hit to a unit that player earns Gold for their effort. Once the match begins, minions (also called “creeps”) begin to run down each lane (in both directions). The opposing minions provide laners with a consistent stream of Gold if the player is able to last-hit each minion.

Players that are able to last-hit more minions than their opposing laner create a deficit for the enemy, leaving them with less Gold available to build up their Champion (these are the League of Legends characters). Once a team creates a Gold advantage the opposition has a difficult time defending their turrets, and ultimately their Nexus, from falling.

League of Legends betting tips

There are many ways to come out on top when betting on esports, especially in League of Legends. For any esport, we highly recommend betting at a large, reputable sportsbook like Bet365, Betway, or Ladbrokes. American players can participate in legal, real-money League of Legends contests playing daily fantasy esports at AlphaDraft.

Regardless of what form your League of Legends bets take, here are eight in-depth tips to remember:

  • League of Legends evolves rapidly, so developing a sense for which teams are consistently swift in adaptation is crucial. Roughly twice per month the developers patch the game files to add new content and balance the previous content. Because the strengths and weaknesses of various Champions and strategies fluctuate with every patch update, there is usually an advantage to betting on teams that can adapt quickly when a new patch goes live for the pro leagues.
  • This is also true at the player level, so looking at the player matchups beforehand can often indicate which direction a match will go. Here’s an example. If a team has been carried to victory in consecutive matches by the individual efforts of their Top or Mid laner and that player will be facing a highly consistent player at their position in their next matchup, it is probably best to count the streaking player’s team out because their strongest link is likely to be negated. Team’s with one stand-out player are typically bad to choose in win/loss bets, but can they do very well in performance-based bets.
  • Examining the numbers behind a team’s recent games helps plenty in predicting match outcomes. A team’s overall record gives an indication of their standing among their fellow competitors, but it’s also important to consider who they’ve beaten and conceded against. If a team only drops games against lower-tier teams (or vice versa) that’s an important factor to consider when placing a bet.
  • When trying to gauge the strength of a team going into a match there are a few key numbers that should be easy to find on any League of Legends statistics site. The first key is the length of a team’s matches compared to the match result; if a team usually plays matches that last longer than 33-36 minutes, the team is likely average because they fail to win quickly and likely are not defeated quickly either. Strong teams are capable of closing out matches in less than thirty minutes, and it’s not uncommon to see a Nexus destroyed in less than 25 minutes.
  • Teams that are able to finish matches early are often composed of laners that create Gold advantages within the opening 10 minutes. CS@10 or CS difference (meaning creep score or 10 minutes) means the number of units a player is able to last-hit by the 10:00 mark, so consider the difference between their score and that of the opposing laner. Developing a sense for a player or team’s ability to create Gold advantages early is great for telling which team should be favored. On the other hand, an experienced better will consider how well this individual or team is able to play from behind and make up for their early mistakes.
  • Competition format is another critical factor in League of Legends betting. North America and Europe have recently adopted the best-of series format, with NA playing best-of-two (this can result in a tie) and Europe playing best-of-three series. Players looking to bet on North American matches must develop a sense for when teams are likely to split games and result in a tie. One way to practice predicting these outcomes is to look at all of the drawn series during the current season for the teams involved in order to spot patterns in terms of their ability to bounce back after losing a game.
  • Do your best to keep track of any roster changes ahead of matches you’ll be betting on. Swapping players in and out of the lineup, or into different positions, can often disrupt the chemistry and cohesion that a team has in-game. Esports is riddled with VISA problems given the rapid industry growth and common roster-building strategy of acquiring foreign imports. Even top teams are susceptible to the catching the VISA bug. Exercise caution when placing bets on teams making roster changes, and make sure you’ve done your homework when betting on that rising star making one of his first professional appearances. These players are often when I call fool’s gold.
  • Shopping around is often the most advantageous move a player can make when placing a League of Legends bet. If your plan is to bet on specific player performances, then it’s highly important to make sure you’re drafting a team for the best prices possible. Each betting service will have different prices for each player, and this will affect the amount of talent the player is able to select. Remember, when betting on specific players it’s important to compose a list of the players you expect to succeed during the current week and play on the site that allows you to build the best roster possible for your allotted sum.

Overall, success in League of Legends betting is all about becoming familiar with the teams and players that are involved. An advantage to following League of Legends is the small pool of teams in each region compared to traditional sports like the NBA. There are 20 professional teams in North America and Europe combined, compared to the 32 professional basketball teams in the US alone. It’s very possible to make well-informed bets in two League of Legends leagues on a week-by-week basis.

Fortunately, League of Legends is an immensely popular game with lots of variance in how to place your bets. To further increase your odds of winning, keep track of just one or two regions. This way you’ll quickly spot the trends that lead to big earnings; when you’re the one to call a major upset days in advance, you’ll be glad you did your homework.