Leading UK Headhunting Firm Odgers Berndtson Enters Esports

Odgers Berndtson esports

Leading UK Headhunting Firm Odgers Berndtson Enters Esports

Odgers Berndtson, the UK’s leading executive search firm, announced last week that it’s entering the esports world. The top international headhunting agency is dedicating resources to offer its services in the growing industry of competitive gaming.

Combining expertise from sports and gaming

The company is among the top headhunting agencies in the world, with 53 offices in 28 countries around the globe. Seeing the recent esports boom, the firm has decided to form a division in the industry of competitive gaming.

By combining the experience and expertise from its existing practices in sports and gaming, Odgers Berndtson is looking to help companies and organizations in the esports space with the recruiting of senior management.

Its sports client network includes organizations like The FA, NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, NRL, Bundesliga, and Premier League. It also has a broad network in video and mobile gaming, AR, and VR. With the recent growth and favorable outlooks in the VR area, Odgers Berndtson is positioned well to capitalize on this situation.

Odgers Berndtson Head of Global Gaming Andrew Bulloss commented:

“I am delighted that Odgers’ structure and scale enable us to provide a comprehensive search solution for the global esports community. As this sector matures, the need for senior talent from a wide range of backgrounds will be evident and we are very well placed to support teams, leagues and sponsors in securing the very best leadership profiles. We look forward to seeing how this nascent industry transforms in the coming years and hope to play a part in its growth.”

Odgers Berndtson aims to apply its global business network to help leagues, teams, sponsors, and games publishers access talent. In doing so, the company is taking advantage of the increasing awareness of esports around the globe.

“The growth of esports is simply astonishing and is a sector in which we feel we already have significant knowledge and expertise,” said Odgers Berndtson Partner at the Sports Practice Simon Cummins. “This will complement our existing offering and without a doubt, contribute to the continued growth of Odgers Berndtson globally.”

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The second big-name agency to enter esports

Prodigy Sports, another top-tier executive search firm, also recently announced its entry into the esports space. Following the same path, the New Jersey-based headhunting agency assists esports organizations with hiring senior executives.

Moreover, AGP, a smaller headhunting agency part of the Norman Broadbent Group, dipped into esports back in 2015. Forming a team dedicated to esports, it was among the very first executive search firms in the scene.

“I’ve been calling for established search practices to take esports seriously for the past two years,” said former AGP Associate Director Joe Hills. “The main obstacle for these companies is to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of the space, but I’m excited to see them utilizing their traditional sports networks to embolden esports [organizations].”

Hills recently opened his own shop, LFG (Looking for Group), an independent esports recruitment agency.

Through this recent development it is evident that esports is on the radar of many organizations, including non-endemic firms.

Additionally, competitive gaming is attracting an increasing number of companies and organizations from the traditional sports scene. Only time will tell what’s to come next, but it surely looks exciting.

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