Overwatch Betting Sites

Overwatch is the fastest-growing first-person shooter esport to be released since CS:GO, and betting on Overwatch is in its infancy. In less than four weeks, Overwatch reeled 10 million players in; for any game without a free-to-play model, this is a tremendous feat. At the moment, betting is in it’s infancy given the competitive infrastructure is still in the development stage.

Currently, tournament organizers are testing Overwatch to determine the ideal settings for competitive play. However, with some restrictions, wagering can already be found.

Overwatch’s edge comes from its blend of genres. MOBA fans with an inclination for first-person shooters are likely to find Overwatch’s features fun and familiar, but overall the experience of watching and viewing Overwatch will be unlike anything from the user’s past.

Betway is our top pick for Overwatch betting

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How Overwatch is played

The term “shooter” should be used loosely compared to traditional shooters like CS:GO and Halo. Overwatch features characters that excel in hand-to-hand combat compared to others, and the same can be said for projectile-based characters fighting at range.

Teams of six players each select characters with various capabilities to coordinate for objectives. Overwatch, controversially, allows each player to swap characters mid-match an unlimited number of times. There are currently 22 characters to choose from, but game designer Blizzard will add to the roster in future updates.

In Overwatch, teams are built around four classes: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support (common class archetypes for the MOBA genre). Teams determine their strategic approach by how many players of each class are present.

There are several game modes to keep the viewing experience fresh. The Escort mode features a “payload” that each team tries to transport while stalling the delivery of the opposing payload. The Assault mode places one team on Offense and the other on Defense, and a location is chosen to be sieged for control.

The Hybrid game type is a mix of Escort and Assault, a dual-objective match. Finally, Control mode is a best-of-three series and is similar to Assault without the the Offensive and Defensive assignments. With that said, Control is more of a run-and-gun style match compared to Assault.

Getting ahead of other Overwatch bettors

Overwatch is the newest major esports community, and successful betting will be a reflection of a bettor’s knowledge of Overwatch’s small (but growing) competitive scene. Many of the esports giants like Team SoloMid, Cloud9, Fnatic, and EnVyUs have already begun investing heavily in getting to the forefront of Overwatch.

GosuGamers features the most relevant Overwatch rankings for competitive teams, and should be a go-to for Overwatch betting research. Statistics like monthly win rates and current win streaks are available, in addition to each team’s current World and Regional ranking.

By investing some time into gaining familiarity with the Overwatch scene early, bettors will increase their chances of predicting which teams will be powerhouses in the early competitive seasons.

If bettors are looking for tips on how to analyze Overwatch in a general sense, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to watch some CS:GO broadcasts and look at how analysts and commentators view matches. What aspects of performance drive a team to victory? Who do you see doing these thing in Overwatch?

Types of Overwatch bets

Because of the popularity of esports betting, major sportsbooks that do a lot of esports business like Betway and Bet365 are well aware of how popular Overwatch is likely to become. Fixtures are being offered on major matches, and that should only increase over time.

The “Tournament Outright” bet

Usually known for its major earning potential, tournament outright betting will likely not be quite as lucrative because there is still a small pool of teams to choose from, and the reputable teams will be greatly favored for some time.

In many cases, one of three to four foreseeable teams is likely to win given the lack of experience in the player pool, but if the bookies don’t pick up on that it could lead to some great opportunities for bettors.

The “Match” bet

These outcomes tend to be more foreseeable than betting on the tournament winner because it’s an isolated affair compared to predicting an outcome that’s also dependent on other future outcomes.

Much like traditional sports betting, a team that is reputable and has been in good playing form will have pretty short odds until matched against another well-known team.

Here are tips for increasing your match betting odds:

  • Watch smaller tournaments.
  • Identify and research the rising stars.
  • Bet on matches against popular players if possible.

The “Propositional” bet

Overwatch has potential for propositional bets because of its objective focus. If you’re not feeling confident about calling the match victor but you’re fairly certain of how the match will play out, it might be smart to go with a propositional bet.

Some examples of propositional bets include: which team will win on a particular map, which team will lead the other in kills, or which player will lead in kills. These bets are based on knowledge of a team’s style of play. If you’ve followed a team closely, don’t shy away from betting on their tendencies instead of the final outcome.

Now is the best time for Overwatch betting

For those looking to establish themselves as Overwatch bettors, now is the time to start tracking the teams and players. Many of the pieces are already in place for the Overwatch betting to get big; it’s only a matter of time before all of the popular esports betting sites are on board.