SMITE Betting Sites

SMITE is a popular MOBA by Hi-Rez Studios with a unique feature: third-person perspective. While most other games in the genre provide a top-down camera angle, SMITE puts players deeper into the action by placing the camera directly behind the player’s character model.

SMITE established itself as an esport fairly quickly, and SMITE’s World Championship is a major event in eSports. Its prize pool is one of the largest in the industry at $1,000,000 total.

Betting is a new aspect of SMITE’s competitive scene, and it is expected to blossom as eSports betting sites continue to grow.

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How SMITE is played

SMITE’s cast features gods, goddesses, and creatures of myth. Poseidon, Thor, Isis, and Medusa are present among many others, and there are currently 78 gods available for play. Many different cultures were tapped into to build SMITE’s roster. Egyptian, Chinese, Hindu, Greek, Roman, and Norse-based entities are included. A frequently updated list of the gods can be found here.

Conquest mode is SMITE’s competitive setting, which is highly similar to the other popular MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Each team’s base contains a match-deciding structure called a Titan. Before the Titan can be reached, teams must destroy all of the structures in one of the three lanes to expose what’s called a Phoenix. When the Phoenix is down, the Titan is available to be engaged.

SMITE teams are made by slotting characters into 5 total positions to control the map: AD Carry, Jungler, Mid, Solo, and Support. There is a breakdown of each position below.

  • AD Carry: These characters have the greatest natural risk and reward factor. They are much weaker than most other characters throughout the early levels because they become much more powerful than other characters in the later levels.
  • Jungler: This player gains income and experience by clearing the minions camps that spawn between the lanes. As a result, the player is constantly moving throughout the map instead of patrolling a lane.
  • Mid: This player is responsible for the middle lane and assists either side of the map when necessary. Bettors should have their eyes on talented Mid Laners; they typically impact the map more than most other positions can.
  • Solo: This player defends the remaining side lane, and helps secure other objectives when necessary.
  • Support: This player begins the match protecting the AD Carry to ensure the team has a powerful player to protect throughout teamfights in the late stages.

As per the MOBA genre, teams do their best to earn the most income possible while slowing the enemy income acquisition. Teams spend their gold on items to more easily manage their engagements with the enemy team, and to siege towers and structures.

Getting ahead of other SMITE bettors

SMITE has a modest betting scene, but as one of the leading esports titles, SMITE will be among the most popular games for betting as the esports betting industry matures. The best ways to gain an advantage over other bettors are to:

  • Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the SMITE esports scene by watching events live on
  • Check out past broadcasts of professional tournaments to see who has been historically dominant.
  • Play some SMITE to learn first-hand what it takes to win matches, and decide which teams and players do those things best.

Hi-Rez makes the statistics for their eSports league available on their website. When scouting new players and up-and-comers, Hi-Rez’s website is also a good place to begin. There is a player search tool that provides information about each player’s average match scores, and other key statistics.

Previous betting experience in the genre is certainly to the bettor’s advantage. Bettors entering SMITE, learning the ins and outs of SMITE’s metagame from the ground up, will take a moment to get up to speed. This shouldn’t deter anyone from participating, though, since SMITE and MOBA betting is new to everyone involved. Overall, the playing field is quite level.

The current state of SMITE’s betting scene

SMITE makes appearances in esports betting listings from time to time, but hasn’t reached the consistency of other esports like CS:GO or League of Legends. Major events like the World Championship turn heads, but smaller weekly matches are not frequently available for betting – although sites with huge esports offerings like Betway and Bet365 are most likely to list odds.

Investing some time into learning SMITE is a good idea because it has a lot of up-side. It’s a popular title with a reliable competitive scene. Most important, SMITE uses a free-to-play business model and is available for multiple platforms. Bettors with the newest-gen gaming consoles, Windows/PC, and Mac OS platforms have access to improve their game knowledge in the best way: becoming a player.

Another part of SMITE’s up-side is the developer’s insistence on more hardcore and competitive ability mechanics. SMITE’s abilities, and even the basic attacks, are what MOBA players call “skillshots.” They require aim, while many other MOBA games allow room for targeted abilities (which many consider less mechanically intensive and skillful). As SMITE continues to grow, many claim appreciation for this aspect of the game’s design.

SMITE made a great statement for the rest of the eSports industry with the prize pool provided for the first World Championship. A grand total of one million dollars were awarded, with $500,000 given to the 1st-place finisher.

Large prize pools prove SMITE’s viability as a potential career path for top-level gamers (including professionals of other eSports). SMITE is just as enticing as any game not named Dota 2 when it comes to single-tournament winnings. Viewers know that the stakes are high, and that will continue to drive viewership as time goes by.