Starcraft 2 Betting Sites

Starcraft 2 is a popular game by Blizzard Entertainment, makers of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Starcraft was one of the first games to ever produce a professional gaming scene, and it’s still alive and well since this sequel was made.

Fans of real-time strategy games should all know of Starcraft 2. Players build bases, and produce units that help the user destroy the opposing base. Each unit has special abilities, and strategy is the key to defeating another player.

Betting on Starcraft is very popular, and in some parts of the world it is the most popular esport.

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How Starcraft 2 is played

Starcraft, when played competitively, usually features one player versus one player. There are three characters sets in Starcraft 2, and each player must choose one to compete. There is no problem in the event that both players prefer the same set or faction, but players tend to mainly play two of the three available factions.

Here’s a breakdown of each faction:

  1. The Zerg – this faction is based on alien-like form of insects, and their claim to fame is their ability to multiply. The zerg seek to destroy by outnumbering their opponents.
  2. The Protoss – this faction is keen on using high alien technology, and generally is considered a difficult style to succeed with compared to the Zerg and Terran.
  3. The Terran – this faction is human and is more balanced that either of the other options.

Getting ahead when betting on Starcraft 2

Major Starcraft 2 matches can be bet on at most major sportsbooks with esports sections – including Betway, Bet365, and Ladbrokes.

Strategy for betting on Starcraft 2 is fairly similar to Hearthstone because of the game’s nature. Starcraft 2 is an individual eSport, not a team game. Studying and developing a sense for who the winners and losers are and why is much easier than doing so in League of Legends and Dota 2.

Nonetheless, the method for achieving betting success in Starcraft 2 falls in line with the rest of the esports. It’s always advisable to become a player because that’s the fastest route to direct game knowledge. Taking some time to improve at the game is also worth your while as a bettor because that involves pushing your knowledge further than average. Tournament footage and live player streams on sites like will quickly familiarize new players with the professionals that are available to bet on as well as their competition.

Bettors that take the time to watch live tournaments (and even rewatch old broadcasts) grant themselves access to analysts, casters, and color commentators. Each of which show viewers a different perspective to analyze the game from. Numbers and narratives can both play a role in whether player wins or loses. Make sure to also follow Starcraft 2 news headlines to stay aware of how your side is performing both on and off the playing stage.

Professional analysts know very specific details about players and their approaches like:

  • How well they perform as and against specific factions on specific maps
  • How prone the player is to catching their opponent off their guard
  • Whether or not the player is capable of outplaying the opponent from a disadvantaged position
  • A measure of the player’s adeptness at using particular units and strategies
  • Personal information about a player and their well-being
  • Memories of past highlights and lowlights in the player’s career

Because Starcraft 2 is often considered one of the most complex esports titles to date, becoming a player is likely more critical to betting success than other games. This should not intimidate bettors, and hopefully entices bettors to take up a game that so many others already love.

One of the greatest Starcraft 2 sites for all kinds of Starcraft information is Within it, readers can expect:

  • Tournament schedules
  • Starcraft 2 news and important updates
  • Various strategies, old and new, for each faction
  • Patch information
  • Team and player bios