IEM Katowice Attracts Record-Breaking 173,000 Fans


IEM Katowice Attracts Record-Breaking 173,000 Fans

This year’s Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice attracted a record-breaking crowd of 173,000 fans and became the biggest esports event in history.

19 Partners With ESL And DreamHack To Stream Events In VR

The virtual reality platform has partnered with esports organizations ESL and DreamHack to bring VR streaming to major 2017 events.


Virtual Reality In Esports: Can It Compete With The Traditional Viewership Experience?

Virtual reality has slowly but surely been making its way into esports, but can the alternative viewing experience conquer the esports audience?


AEG Joins Forces With ESL To Bring Even More Esports Events To Fans

ESL is wasting no time is making decisive partnerships within the esports industry. Its latest pairing is with AEG, a worldwide venue and events company.