Vainglory Betting Sites

Vainglory is the premier MOBA game for mobile and tablet devices, and has been the leading game of its kind for nearly two years running. Fans of popular MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 will find that Vainglory is a simplified version of the two.

When Vainglory was still in its early production stages, many critics claimed that MOBA mechanics were too complex for mobile and tablet devices. Today, Vainglory is an award-winning game with a promising esports scene. Team SoloMid was the first major eSports organization to hold a stake in competitive Vainglory, and many others are now seeking entry.

Currently, betting options for Vainglory are limited but available for important matches.

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How Vainglory is played

In order to create Vainglory, Super Evil Mega Corp had to make adjustments to the already popular MOBA mechanics. Many of the same objectives are in place, as two teams fight for control of routes to the opposing base in hopes of destroying it. As usual, there are a series of high-powered turrets that must be destroyed before destroying the opposing base.

Vainglory is often considered simple because it features one lane instead of the usual three lanes found in more complex MOBAs. With less total objectives to attack and defend, the matches end faster and there is less variance in strategy than titles like Dota 2 or SMITE. New players can quickly learn the current “best” ways of playing. Match times to range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Vainglory can be considered a great point of entry to the MOBA genre for players that are unfamiliar. The three player format that Vainglory uses had never been popularized before in MOBA esports; League of Legends’ Twisted Treeline map is tuned for teams of three, but never rose to prominence like the five player format has.

There are fewer total abilities for players and viewers to keep track of because there are four fewer players than your standard MOBA, each with fewer abilities than your standard MOBA. Each character has two basic abilities in their kit besides their ultimate ability, and twelve levels are required to obtain them all. At that point, assuming players have collected enough gold to complete their item builds, players have unlocked their character’s full potential.

Getting ahead at Vainglory betting

If bettors are new to MOBAs, this is the one to start with. By learning the ins and outs of what leads to victory at the competitive level, bettors will acquire knowledge that’s applicable to betting on several other MOBA esports. It’s great to be able to move between different games while maintaining your winning potential.

This is also true to League of Legends or Dota 2 bettors that are looking to start betting on Vainglory. Previous experience betting on MOBAs is the greatest advantage one can gain. After that comes the numbers side of Vainglory. Understanding the numbers behind each match is critical in most cases.

The FameGlory app is no longer recommended because updates have been discontinued for some time. However, Vainglory Statistics is a good starting place for bettors to get a leg up on the competition. There you’ll find stats for the Evil 8 (Vainglory’s leading competitive circuit), the Challenger series (the “feeder” league for the Evil 8), and other high-stakes tournaments.

The current state of Vainglory’s betting scene

Typically, the summer would be the offseason for Vainglory’s professional play, but the recent formation of the Evil 8 has produced year-round competitive esports for Vainglory’s faithful. The standard circuit is in its offseason until early December when play resumes, but the Evil 8 will have matches taking place until the very end of August.

When comparing the Evil 8 to the Winter and Spring Championships for Vainglory, bettors should recognize greater balance in the Evil 8’s format. The better teams will play each other more often than they do in the standard league, so the end-of-season drama is present throughout the regular season too.

Previously, teams that seeded lowly showed incredibly slim win ratios from the quarterfinal round onward because the talent disparity was so great. Now, these “challenger” teams (smaller community teams) will develop comfort playing against the giants because every three weeks those teams play against the Evil 8 in best-of-5 series.

Vainglory betting likely to continue growing

The Vainglory esports scene is established, and growing rapidly as top esports organizations like G2.Kinguin, SK Gaming, and Mousesports among others have brought their teams into the top flight. Though scarce, betting on Vainglory is present and likely to be in full swing by the end of 2016 at the start of the Winter season.

The summer is a great time to scout talent ahead of the next season, because teams are often looking for replacements to boost their talent threshold. Players that make a name for themselves throughout the Evil 8 and Challenger scenes will make great additions to teams that are already in the running for a championship title near the year’s end.